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 Being a dad has taught me much. Including this about photography..


Moments matter. Some of my favorite prints on the wall or in books are the ones that show us living life. Oh, I like a good portrait as much as the next guy. But when photographing people and events, give me those raw moments. Kids running wild. Wind-blown hair. Tears. Goofy laughs.


I am a photographer of many things, but there’s one common thread. Whether it’s a wedding, high school senior, family, fashion, or rock band, I’m all about a good story. Your story.


Me? I have a love for b&w photography and I've always wanted to be a concert photographer shooting some of the big names in the industry. I gladly gave up my dream of being a traveling concert photographer to be a dad, and I don't regret it for a second. Nowadays it’s just me and my little one going on adventures in and around Lexington, Kentucky. There’s no place I’d rather be.


I’m CJ. I’d love to sit down with you and hear about your story.